Baby deaths: MPs tell of pain and mishap of their loss

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Two MPs who have mislaid children are spearheading a discuss in Parliament

Two MPs who know a pain and mishap of losing a baby are job for some-more support for people influenced by stillbirth or neonatal death.

Conservatives Antoinette Sandbach and Will Quince will horde a Twitter event on Monday as “Baby Loss Awareness Week” gets underneath way.

The span have also organised a discuss in a House of Commons on Thursday.

They wish articulate about a emanate will assistance stop other relatives from “suffering in silence”.

Mr Quince, MP for Colchester, and his mom Elinor had a stillborn son named Robert in Oct 2014 and will be imprinting dual years given his genocide on Wednesday.

  • Baby detriment impact ‘can final years’

“We found out something was wrong during a 20-week indicate and that he had an impossibly singular condition called Edwards’ Syndrome,” he told a BBC. “Some babies who have it live for a few weeks, others live for a few years, and some are stillborn.

“We had dual options. Continue with a pregnancy or cancel – that is an awful word and would have meant an injection by a mom and into a baby’s heart. It was not a tough choice for us, we motionless to continue, even yet a many expected outcome was a stillbirth.”

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Will Quince MP with his mom Elinor

Robert done it all a approach to 40 weeks though died in a final few mins of labour, that was distressing for a family.

“It is a dire thing to go through,” pronounced Mr Quince. “For a lady to give birth to a routine baby and for a father who watches it happen, it is a horrific ordeal.”

He co-chairs a All-Party Parliamentary Group on Baby Loss with Eddisbury MP Ms Sandbach, who mislaid her son Sam 5 days after he was innate in 2009.

She thanked a open for their support final year after she spoke about her knowledge in Parliament and pennyless down into tears.

Media captionConservative MP Antoinette Sandbach breaks down in tears as she recalls a night her five-day-old child died.

“The night my son died, we awoke to find him not breathing,” she said. “Arriving during hospital, looking during a prosaic line in a ambulance for over 20 minutes, a pile-up group was watchful for me, though it was too late.

“Staff during a sanatorium were smashing though we found myself in a plain room with questions being asked during me.”

It was leaflets handed to her during a sanatorium with numbers for a internal charity, a Chrysalis Trust, that helped her through.

“This week and a discuss in Parliament is hugely important,” pronounced Ms Sandbach. “It can mostly be really isolating, as family and friends don’t know what to say. We need to pronounce about a issues.”

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Permission from Antoinette Sandbach

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Ms Sandbach’s son Sam

Both MPs now wish some-more assistance for families who go by a stillbirth or neonatal death, and for a open to pronounce about it in a wish of interlude those deaths that are avoidable, as good as bringing some-more comfort to a bereaved.

“The unhappy box is around half of stillbirths are preventable,” pronounced Mr Quince. “That is 2,000 babies a year. That is 2,000 families who don’t have to go by this. And we have one of a best medical systems in a world.

“The supervision has affianced to cut a series of these preventable deaths by 2020 and separate it by 2030 and are putting a income in to help. But there is a emanate that caring isn’t unchanging opposite NHS trusts.”

Key statistics on stillbirth and neonatal deaths

  • In 2013, one in each 216 babies delivered in a UK was stillborn
  • Contrary to common perception, vital birth defects comment for fewer than 10% of stillbirths
  • In 2013, one in each 370 babies innate in a UK died in a initial 4 weeks of life
  • In around one in 3 stillbirths a accurate reason for a baby’s genocide is misleading and a genocide is described as ‘unexplained’
  • One-third of stillborn babies – around 1,200 babies each year – die after a full-term pregnancy
  • If we need support after a detriment of a baby, we call call a Stillbirth Neonatal Death gift on 020 7436 5881 or email

‘Wave of Light’

The organisers of a discuss have urged a open to get concerned on Saturday by lighting a candle during 19:00 BST for an hour to remember all a babies who have died, job it a “Wave of Light”.

Dr Clea Harmer, arch executive of Sands, said: “Baby Loss Awareness Week is possibility for bereaved families to combine in remembering their changed babies that we wish will assistance them feel reduction removed and alone.

“It’s elemental that we lift recognition of a issues surrounding baby detriment and tot genocide and pull for changes in use opposite a UK.

“The support of a All-Party Parliamentary Group on Baby Loss and their joining to both lifting these issues and assisting to change process is invaluable.”

Have we mislaid a child in identical circumstances? If we are peaceful to share your story with a BBC greatfully email

Please embody a hit series if we are peaceful to pronounce to a BBC journalist. You can also hit us in a following ways:

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