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Anthony Mundine surfaced Shane Mosley by TKO when a American could not start a seventh round, forced to retire with behind spasms.

Two fingers to boxing? Anthony Mundine celebrates his TKO win over Shane Mosley after a sixth round.

Two fingers to boxing? Anthony Mundine celebrates his TKO win over Shane Mosley after a sixth round.
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THE American fighting republic assimilated for a common snore during news that Anthony Mundine had beaten Shane Mosley.

It unsuccessful to dig mainstream media and usually fighting websites carried a news.

Here’s a small sample:

“Anthony Mundine had his approach with whatever is left of a badly faded Shane Mosley,” wrote boxingscene’s Jake Donovan, “dominating a movement over 6 rounds before a quarrel was waved off. Back spasms were cited as a reason for Mosley being incompetent to continue before to a start of a 7th round.”

“The 42-year-old maestro looked a distant cry from his excellence days and was angry of a behind damage …” wrote boxingonline’s Matt Christie.

In Ring Magazine, still regarded as a management on boxing, Lem Satterfield wrote, “Referee Raul Caiz Jr. came to Mosley’s dilemma after a sixth, listened a ageing warrior’s complaints, and all yet suggested to an attending alloy during a contention in a ring to stop a quarrel due to Mosley’s apparent behind spasms.”

Boxer Anthony Mundine reflects on his feat over mythological American reflection Sugar Shane Mosley after a latter repel from a quarrel after thew sixth turn with behind spasms.

And how this was authorised to occur – a arbitrate revelation a alloy to stop a quarrel on medical drift – is anyone’s guess, nonetheless few are holding a try.

None of them are printable.

So this was ostensible to be a quarrel that woke America to a overwhelming skills of Anthony Mundine.

Mundine hopes it is a launch pad to get Floyd Mayweather, who recently sealed a six-fight $US200 million understanding with Showtime that creates him a richest contestant in a world.

Tell me what we consider Showtime competence contend when Mayweather walks into a bureau to plead his subsequent quarrel and a bosses, looking to replenish that $200 million, hear he wants to quarrel Anthony Mundine.

I know what they’ll say.


Anthony Mundine has been inexplicably still forward of his arriving hitch with Shane Mosley, here we take a demeanour behind during some of his best and misfortune rabble talk.

Mosley’s bequest could have been some-more shop-worn usually if he had been knocked out, that Mundine was on a approach to doing.

Mundine didn’t “stop” Mosley, as some have suggested.

The central preference was he late in a sixth, incompetent to quarrel on.

Once again, though, as has happened his whole career, story is being re-written to advise Mundine’s performance, and as such his career, was some-more than it was.

The empathize is few have a balls to call it for what it was.

After a farcical build-up, whereupon Australian fighting was suggested as a joke, we got a farcical end.

The usually good news was a finale to a quarrel gave it a stink it deserved.


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