AFL’s tip Essendon offer exposed

The AFL stands indicted of doing deals brokered by a Australian Sports Commision usually days before a league’s Aug commision hearing.

EXCLUSIVE: SECRET papers and a bombshell email have carried a lid on behind-the-scenes inducements offering to Essendon and James Hird as a AFL worked frantically to vigour him to accept drugs liaison penalties.

The Herald Sun can exhibit that days before a Aug 26-27 AFL Commission conference was due to cruise penalties, deals were being due by Australia’s tip government-appointed sports official, John Wylie.

More to come: Further revelations on a tip AFL offer in a Herald Sun tomorrow

A request emailed by Wylie to Essendon authority Paul Little on a night of Aug 23 summarized intensity allotment terms as a predicament threatened to brief into a Supreme Court.

Wylie, a Australian Sports Commission chairman, suggests: “Hird as comparison manager takes shortcoming for a unsound governance and slip within a club’s football dialect that gave arise to this situation.

 James Hird leaves his Toorak home this morning. Picture: Nicole Garmston

James Hird leaves his Toorak home this morning. Picture: Nicole Garmston

“It is however concurred …. to a best of a AFL’s believe and belief, Hird did not foster or inspire an reprobate sourroundings within a club; Hird has not brought a diversion into disrepute.

“In a assemblage of a circumstances, a AFL will impose, and Hird will accept, a 12-month cessation from all coaching duties.”

In a apart request presented to Hird on Aug 23, amid negotiations between Wylie and Little, a Essendon manager is offering “an superb career growth opportunity” in lapse for dropping his authorised movement opposite a AFL.

Offers of “no actor sanctions” and “no double jeopardy” notwithstanding an ASADA review are discussed.

AFL Chair Mike Fitzpatrick hands down sanctions to a Essendon Football Club.

Hird emerged from his Toorak home during 6.30am today, reluctant to answer questions.

Dressed in a fit and tie, he got into his automobile and gathering divided but creation comment.

Wylie pronounced final night: “I was requested by both Paul Little and (AFL Commission chairman) Mike Fitzpatrick, in a initial instance by Paul, to support in communications between a AFL and Essendon during a time when ­direct communication between them was difficult.”

The AFL is set to respond to a reports this morning.

Essendon manager James Hird.

Essendon manager James Hird.

The joining will reportedly send a minute to all clubs this morning “clarifying elements” of a bombshell revelations.

League orator James Tonkin pronounced final night: “Numerous discussions took place during opposite levels in a bid to solve a matter as fast and reasonably as possible.”

An offer to concede Hird to accept a full income while portion a 12-month anathema was also discussed.

The request presented to a Essendon manager reads: “Charge of bringing diversion into shame dropped. 12 months cessation starting now.”

How a Herald Sun pennyless a story.

How a Herald Sun lonesome a story.

It states Hird could also keep his place in a AFL Hall of Fame and be “acknowledged by a AFL as a fable of a game”.

In sell for a offers, a request says Hird therefore “withdraws all authorised movement immediately”.

A fibre of revelations to be published in a Herald Sun and The Australian over a opening days raises vital notice issues surrounding a firmness and a outcome of both a drugs examine and a AFL Commission hearing.

AFL arch Andrew Demetriou pronounced on Aug 7: “To advise a AFL Commission and a people on a elect would somehow destine an outcome is descent and usually plain wrong.”

Paul Little leaves a Essendon AFL bar rooms.

Paul Little leaves a Essendon AFL bar rooms.

It is not famous if all AFL commissioners were wakeful of Wylie’s impasse or of due inducements during a time they were asked to pointer off on a final fortitude opposite Essendon and a 4 officials on Aug 27.

Little final night reliable a talks with Wylie. He said: “John Wylie is a longstanding personal crony and we discussed probable strategies for settling a dispute.”

Hird is supposed to have rebuffed a inducements put on a list on Aug 23, usually to accept a 12-month cessation 4 days after underneath extreme vigour and fearing that he would be outcast from a diversion and his club.

There were also discussions about promulgation Hird to Oxford University in England, where both Wylie and Fitzpatrick are Rhodes scholars.

Essendon authority Paul Little says effusive manager James Hird supposed a penalties for a good of a club.

Hird after exclusively practical to attend a disdainful Fontainebleau business propagandize in France, flitting an opening examination in Singapore. He has usually returned from his $120,000 MBA studies.

Sources have questioned because Wylie as authority of a Sports Commission – that works with a Australian Sports and Anti-Doping Authority to quarrel drug intrigue and that promotes firmness in competition – was drafted into pre-hearing bartering with a capitulation of AFL Commission authority Fitzpatrick.

Proposed penalties for Mark Thompson, Bruce Reid and Danny Corcoran are also settled in correspondence, with Thompson privileged to manager again in 2014.

A bar excellent of $1.5 million and a reduction of 12 premiership points “so as to skip a finals” are also documented. The bar was eventually fined $2 million and relegated to ninth on a AFL ladder.

Coach James Hird during Essendon training during Windy Hill.

Coach James Hird during Essendon training during Windy Hill.

Hird and Fitzpatrick did not lapse questions from a ­Herald Sun.

– with Ashley Argoon


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